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I’m French, born in 1966, kinetic artist since 2002 with more than 400 pieces in 28 countries.

  • My workshop is along the lake of Annecy, French Alps (30mn South of Geneva, 4 hours from Paris).
  • I’m inspired by Calder, Tinguely, Rhoads.
  • I’m self-taught, passionate, persistent and perfectionist.

My first motivation is the pleasure. Pleasure to play, pleasure to share!

My inspiration is to create a kinetic sculpture which fascinates, draws the viewer along its path by following the movement and then leaves one feeling wrong footed by the surprise and magic of the unexpected.

I want you to be mesmerized by the movement, losing all notion of what’s going on around you to the point that when the unexpected happens it’s stunning! It’s that point that gives me the opportunity to connect with you. I want you to feel that you are in my shoes, to feel or experience the same pleasure of seeing the ‘out of the ordinary happening ‘, a ball jumping, a pendulum suddenly swinging. I get you by the hypnotic movement and sometimes it happens that you are wrong footed – I like to play with that idea!

kinetic artist didier legros

My work takes people into their own imaginary world but straps them to the real world through physical, tactile and sound sensations. So important to look at the piece through a child’s eyes to experiment with wonderment.

And most of the time, people are afraid of technology, my work in some ways is to de-mystify it. It’s simply an applied demonstration of natural law, with harmonious energetic flow of movement.»

I’m happy and proud to create this “Timeless” moment

“Whispering to the patient, confident child that we have not betrayed him…”

Know more about my work and my kinetic sculptures

How I create and build my kinetic sculptures

I draw my inspiration from daily life and I showcase a streamlined vision of natural laws.

I imagine the fascinating effect and then I sketch the movement until I obtain the visual balance.

Then come the first steps in the workshop to form the elements.

Cutting, bending and brazing.

First setting up and a pre-adjustment process consisting of a few dozen hours of digital video monitoring to find and fix the pop-out balls.

Then, the metal elements are all dismantled to receive a nickel-plated finish.

The Plexiglas supports and the frames are made. A final reassembly, new fine-tuning, video-monitored functioning, cleaning, protection, wrapping.

Atelier Kinetic sculpture Didier Legros

Easy installation of my kinetic sculptures

The pieces are ready to install upon delivery. All of the work on equilibrium is done beforehand in the studio. The entire piece is robust and will not break down, unless it is subject to intentional malicious damage or a serious accident.

To assemble the piece, the only requirements are to ensure that it is horizontally and vertically level (spirit level supplied). This will only take 5 to 10 minutes. Illustrated installation manual included.

The whole art of machining and adjusting the elements in the studio consists precisely in offering an adjustment leeway that makes the piece rapidly operational the first time it is assembled and ensures its reliability over time.

Secure wrapping

I’m really used to export 90 % of my creation all other the world.

Packaging the kinetic sculptures is a task that I am particularly careful about. Seasoned by shipping over 400 pieces to 30 countries.

They travel comfortably in protective wooden crates and are set in absorbent wedging that cushions them from shocks and vibrations.

The studio

I now have a bright, well-lit, perfectly equipped studio, located on the shores of Lake Annecy.

Such conditions inspire creation: a setting and comfort that enable me to create kinetic sculpture for my pleasure and yours.

Studio Kinetic sculpture Didier Legros

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